Climatology of precipitation and clouds over Guinea_Sierraleone_Liberia
Guinea Sierraleone Liberia

General info
System properties
Seasonal variation
Diurnal variation
Vertical Structure
Extreme events
Time series
  • Precipitation geographical distribution

  • Over Guinea_Sierraleone_Liberia , mean annual precipitation are estimated with 1794.4 (mm/year) from precipitation radar, and 1790.3 (mm/year) from microwave radiometer observations. (see high resolution precipitation product , NOTE: it may take long time to generate for large area) In total, thunderstorms (systems with detected lightning flashes) contribute 61 %, MCSs (Mesoscale convective systems with raining area > 2000 km^2) contribute 74 % of all precipitation.

  • Precipitation seasonal and diurnal variation

  • Seasonal and diurnal variations of rainfall over Guinea_Sierraleone_Liberia are shown in following figure. You may check the details of rainfall contributions from precipitation systems with different sizes and intensities in various seasons and at different local times.

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